Research Staff and PhD Students

Other Students


Justin Raynor
PhD CY 2023 → Military Cyber Operations Leader @ U.S. Cyber Command
Research focus: Interactive visualization techniques for temporally evolving geospatial network data to support cyber operators and network engineers
Sara Di Bartolomeo
PhD CS 2023 → Postdoc @ University of Konstanz
Research focus: Overview visualization of temporal event sequence data; layered network visualization under constraints; crowdsourcing VR evaluation
David Saffo
PhD CS 2023 → Applied Research Associate Sr. @ JPMC
Research focus: Immersive analytics interaction design and evaluation methodologies
Yixuan Zhang
PhD Student → PhD @ Georgia Tech
Research focus: Temporal event sequence visualization with uncertainty, missing data, and incorrect data in support of type 1 diabetes treatment
Aristotelis Sigiouan Leventidis
PhD Student, DATA Lab
Research focus: Automatic visualization of SQL queries to help users quickly understand database query intent via first-order logic representations
Amy Worth
PhD Student, Computer Science → Ivy After School Program
Research focus: Variability in visual encoding power across populations
Fangfang Sheng
MS 2021 → Technical Solutions Engineer @ Verily Life Sciences
Research focus: Evaluating temporal event sequence alignment and overview visualizations
Manali Shindi
MS 2020 → Healthcare Data Analyst @ MassHealth Analytics
Research focus: Using visualizations for teaching & learning SQL
Mansi Jain
MS 2020 → Software Engineer @ Factset
Research focus: Developing SQL query visualizations
Kartik Chanana
MS 2017 → Software Engineer II @ Akamai Technologies
Research focus: Temporal event sequence curation and visualization for type 1 diabetes treatment decisions
Danielle Nguyen
BS 2019 → Software Engineer @ Drift
Research focus: Text word2vec similarity and cluster visualization for digital humanities
Emma Reed
BS 2021
Research focus: Dynamic and uncertain geospatial network visualization for unmanned system cybersecurity
Reyhaneh Mohammadi
PhD Student, College of Engineering
Research focus: Information space partitioning for dynamic geospatial network visualization of influenza spread
Brenden Collins
MS Student, Computer Science
Research focus: Developing benchmarks for evaluating layered network visualization layouts

Cody Dunne, Vis Lab — Northeastern University
West Village H, Room 302F
440 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA