I am an Assistant Professor in the Khoury Vis Lab, part of the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. I create readable visualizations of network relationships that help users understand complex data. I mainly address visualizing layered networks, in which the nodes in the network are constrained to lie on parallel layers. My research leverages the algorithmic aspects of computer science to build and assess new visualization techniques and tools, as well as human-computer interaction (HCI) methodologies to understand the perceptual abilities, goals, tasks, and processes of uses and validate visualization designs. This work has led to my contributing new HCI research methods and novel visualization and HCI theory that can guide future researchers and practitioners. I often use applied research across various domains to help generate novel basic research contributions. These cross-disciplinary collaborations provide me with new questions, data sets, case studies, and invested users whose work benefits from our partnerships.

Areas of investigation: Data Visualization + ...

  • Graph and network data
  • Multidimensional data
  • Geospatial data
  • Temporal event sequences
  • Evaluation methodologies
  • Layout algorithms
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • User interface design
  • Interaction design
  • Perception and cognition
  • Analytic provenance
  • Virtual and extended reality (VR & XR)

Specific domains of interest:

  • Healthcare diagnostic and treatment decision support, including diabetes & neurology
  • Cybersecurity, including unmanned autonomous system analysis and improving network resilience
  • Computer Science and Engineering, including work in databases, programming languages, natural language processing, systems, and hardware simulation
  • Digital humanities, including networks of concepts in humanities texts as well as text and timeline visualizations
  • Epidemiology, including the spread of infectious disease

Recent News

2024-05-16: Welcome to my new PhD student Calvin Yu!
2024-05-09: Khoury will have 28 contributions at CHI 2023, including 5 papers and 2 best paper honorable mentions from our group! See our schedule of presentations and the program for details.
2023-11-16: Congratulations to Justin Raynor for passing his dissertation defense!
2023-08-08: A bunch of work from our group will appear at VIS 2023, including my papers on an immersive analytics systematic review, a tool for conducting such reviews, and my TVCG paper on differential privacy's effect on scatterplot utility.
2023-07-30: Congratulations to Sara Di Bartolomeo and David Saffo for passing their dissertation defenses! They are my first graduating PhD students!
2022-04-15: Welcome my new PhD students Eduardo Puerta and Connor Wilson!
2022-04-08: 38 authors from Northeastern were represented at CHI 2022 and there were 11 contributions from Khoury! Our group contributed two different papers (this one is mine), a late-breaking work, and a case study.
2022-04-06: My PhD student Sara Di Bartolomeo was recognized by the university as a Huntington 100 scholar for her outstanding academic achievements!

Recent Publications

See also my full list of publications.
Thumbnail image for publication titled: A collection of benchmark datasets for evaluating graph layout algorithms
A collection of benchmark datasets for evaluating graph layout algorithms

Sara Di Bartolomeo, Eduardo Puerta, Connor Wilson, Tarik Crnovrsanin, and Cody Dunne. Poster at Graph Drawing and Network Visualization—GD Posters. 2023.

PDF | Preprint | Supplement | Code | Homepage | BibTeX | GD 2023 best poster honorable mention!

Thumbnail image for publication titled: Investigating the visual utility of differentially private scatterplots
Investigating the visual utility of differentially private scatterplots

Liudas Panavas, Tarik Crnovrsanin, Jane Lydia Adams, Jonathan Ullman, Ali Sargavad, Melanie Tory, and Cody Dunne. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics—TVCG. 2023.

PDF | Preprint | DOI | Supplement | Preregistration | Code | BibTeX

Cody Dunne, Vis Lab — Northeastern University
West Village H, Room 302F
440 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, USA