2024-05-16: Welcome to my new PhD student Calvin Yu!
2024-05-09: Khoury will have 28 contributions at CHI 2023, including 5 papers and 2 best paper honorable mentions from our group! See our schedule of presentations and the program for details.
2023-11-16: Congratulations to Justin Raynor for passing his dissertation defense!
2023-08-08: A bunch of work from our group will appear at VIS 2023, including my papers on an immersive analytics systematic review, a tool for conducting such reviews, and my TVCG paper on differential privacy's effect on scatterplot utility.
2023-07-30: Congratulations to Sara Di Bartolomeo and David Saffo for passing their dissertation defenses! They are my first graduating PhD students!
2022-04-15: Welcome my new PhD students Eduardo Puerta and Connor Wilson!
2022-04-08: 38 authors from Northeastern were represented at CHI 2022 and there were 11 contributions from Khoury! Our group contributed two different papers (this one is mine), a late-breaking work, and a case study.
2022-04-06: My PhD student Sara Di Bartolomeo was recognized by the university as a Huntington 100 scholar for her outstanding academic achievements!
2022-03-25: Three papers from our group will appear in EuroVis 2022, including one of mine. We also have a keynote by Melanie Tory!
2022-03-30: I received an NSF CAREER award on General And Optimal Layered Network Visualization!
2019-01-25: My PhD student Yixuan Zhang's research on type 1 diabetes visualization was featured by the college.
2017-09-05: Welcome PhD students Sara Di Bartolomeo, David Saffo, and Aristotelis Sigiouan Leventidis!
2017-09-27: I organized Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD) 2017 on Northeastern's campus, and it was a huge success!
2017-09-05: Welcome my PhD student Yixuan Zhang!

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