Reading discussions are due 24 hours before the lecture they are listed beside. Create a post in the appropriate folder (e.g., read2 for lecture 2) on Piazza. Your post should be a critical review of at least one of the assigned readings. You shouldn’t just summarize the reading – engage in critical thought! Point out the limitations of the reading, what followup research opportunities are available, connections to other articles especially ones that contradict or expand on the reading, links to interactive demos and videos…

Assignments are due before the lecture they are listed beside. Create a post in the appropriate folder on Piazza.

Lecture Date Topic Reading Discussion Assignments Slides
1 9/7 Intro to network visualization       PDF
2 9/12 Node-link visualization 1) The state of InfoVis 2015, 2) Graphs in Statistical Analysis, 3) Illuminating the Path: The Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics chapters 2, 3, and 4 Reading (read2) HW: Introductions & Piazza Due PDF
3 9/14 Toplogy aggregation 1) Gestalt Principles I, 2) Gestalt Principles II, 3) Interaction Dynamics for Visual Analytics, 4) A Tour through the Visualization Zoo Reading (read3) HW: Tool Analyisis and Presentation (A) Due PDF
4 9/19 Interaction, coordinated views, animation 1) Multivariate Network Exploration and Presentation, 2) Animated Transitions in Statistical Data Graphics, 3) The Effects of Interactive Latency on Exploratory Visual Analysis Reading   Slides
5 9/21 Web development techniques (Micha) 1) Evaluation of Artery Visualizations for Heart Disease Diagnosis, 2) How NOT to Lie with Visualization Reading   Slides
6 9/26 No class! Attend at least one GD ‘17 session 1) Visual Exploration of Multivariate Graphs, 2) GLO-STIX: Graph-Level Operations for Specifying Techniques and Interactive eXploration, 3) A Heuristic for Graph Drawing Reading    
7 9/28 Service learning, project ideas 1) Drawing large graphs with a potential-field-based multilevel algorithm, 2) Large Graph-Layout Algorithms at Work: An Experimental Study, 3) A Hierarchical O(N log N) Force-Calculation Algorithm Reading, GD ‘17 session    
8 10/3 Guest: Peter Kerpedjiev (Harvard Medical) on adjacency matrix, RNA structure visualization 1) Efficient, Proximity-Preserving Node Overlap Removal, 2) Node Overlap Removal by Growing a Tree, 3) A Distributed Multilevel Force-directed Algorithm Reading, Lecture HW: D3 Node-Link Visualization Due  
9 10/5 Guest: Daniel Weidele (IBM) on multi-dimensional scaling, solvers 1) TopoLayout: Multi-Level Graph Layout by Topological Features, 2) GraphMaps: Browsing Large Graphs as Interactive Maps, 3) Dendsort: Modular Leaf Reordering Methods for Dendrogram Representations in R Reading, Lecture Project (1) Ideas Due PDF (Login with CCIS account)
10 10/10 Guest: Michelle Borkin (Northeastern) on design principles, color 1) MatLink: Enhanced Matrix Visualization for Analyzing Social Networks, 2) NodeTrix: A Hybrid Visualization of Social Networks, 3) Computing NodeTrix Representations of Clustered Graphs Reading Project (2) Critique Due Slides
11 10/12 D3 node-link visualization, in-class project design session 1) Design Study Methodology: Reflections from the Trenches and the Stacks, 2) An Evaluation of Microarray Visualization Tools for Biological Insight Reading Project (3) Partner/Status Update Due Slides
12 10/17 Spring layout examples, in-class redesign session 1) State-of-the-Art Report in Web-based Visualization Reading HW: Spring Layout Due Slides
13 10/19 Guest: Marc Smith (SMRF) on NodeXL     Project (4) Proposal Due  
14 10/24 In-class project hacking, design. Bring your laptops!        
15 10/26 Student Tool Presentations     HW: Tool Analysis and Presentation (B) Due  
16 10/31 Student Tool Presentations 1) Strategies for evaluating information visualization tools: Multi-dimensional in-depth long-term case studies Reading HW: Paper Presentation (A) Due,  
17 11/2 In-class HW: Coordinated Views 1) Integrating statistics and visualization for exploratory power: From long-term case studies to design guidelines Reading Project (5) Designs Due  
18 11/7 Student paper presentations Selected papers Reading HW: Paper Presentation (B) Due,  
19 11/9 Student paper presentations Selected papers Reading    
20 11/14 Student paper presentations Selected papers Reading Project (6) Usability Due  
21 11/16 Student paper presentations Selected papers Reading    
22 11/21 Student paper presentations Selected papers Reading    
  11/23 Thanksgiving Break        
23 11/28 Geospatial networks, design challenge 1) Force-directed edge bundling for graph visualization Reading Project (7) Drafts Due Slides
24 11/30 Geospatial networks, design challenge, conclusion        
25 12/5 Project presentations     Project (8) Presentations Due  
26 12/7 Project presentations        
  12/7 10:30-11:30am Service Learning Expo (Curry ballroom). 5% project extra credit!        
  12/15 2:00-3:00pm NUVis end-of-semester demofest (Snell 90). 5% project extra credit!        
  12/16 No Class – Finals Week     Project (9) Paper & Materials Due